Equality should have no boundaries.  image

Equality should have no boundaries.

Support can be expressed by a single action, a single individual or even a single donation.

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Opportunity should be indiscriminate.
Worth should outshine color.

MENTOR is the unifying national organization in advancing quality youth mentoring relationships and connecting volunteers to opportunities in their local communities. A caring adult, a mentor, can offer the support students need to stay on track, become leaders in their communities, graduate college, and enter the workforce. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 young people in America report that they are growing up without a mentor.

To address this need, Nike is lending their passion and voice to fuel the mentoring movement and ensure all American youth do not have to walk the road alone. By joining with us, your support and voice will help ensure that young people receive the support they need to succeed in all areas of life. Your donation to MENTOR will have a lasting impact on more than just one young person, you will spark a ripple effect that reaches hundreds of thousands of kids and their mentors each year. Thank you, in advance, for giving the gift of mentoring.